Our main prospect - engagement into new consumer markets of Central Asia, Western and Eastern regions. Marketing arrangements taken by our company not only promote main kinds of production but facilitate conduction of  laboratory tests, samples examinations of new types of production for  potential consumers. JVLL “LLK-NAFTAN” takes part permanently in different international thematic exhibitions and conferences.

Our Company’s marketing activity is realized on the base of preserving and respect of existing clients and directed on long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration.The department of Marketing and Sails is the main department that deals with marketing activity.


Marketing and Sales Department:

Uladzimir Chyrvony - Deputy of general director for commercial and marketing issues,Tel.No.: +375 214 594350;

Aleksei Lukin - International Sales Manager, Tel.No.: +375 214 594479; e-mail:

Dmitry Chernyshov - International Sales Manager, Tel.No.: +375 214 598698; e-mail:

Yunona Ivanova - International Sales Manager, Tel.No.: +375 214 594571; e-mail:

Fax.No. +375214 594571


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